Sunday, January 1, 2012

Getting Back in the Game

As we transition into 2012, I am resolving to get back into two things I've done very little of over the last three months: training and blogging.  Since my last race--The Dam Tri on October 8, 2011--I have worked out a grand total of eight times and logged just 1.3 miles swimming, 8.9 miles running, and (drumroll please) zero miles biking!  And my number of blog posts in the same time period is the same as my bike mileage.  Yikes!

Starting today, however, I am getting back into both games.  I have put together a very ambitious race calendar for this season and plan to begin training immediately.  (In fact, by the time this entry goes live, I will have completed a 15-20 mile bike ride.)  Here is my race calendar:
Yep, you read that last one right!  I will be attempting a "half Ironman" this year.  The event will be just before my 30th birthday, and I figured I ought to finish my third decade with a bang!

As my training resumes, so will my weekly reports.  I look forward to sharing my progress with you and, hopefully, inspiring you in the months ahead.  Happy New Year!

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